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Personalised Dinosaur Kids T-shirt 0 to 11 Years

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This t-shirt is fantastic! It is printed with a cute dinosaur and the childs name is made into a dinosaur name. saurus, osaurus or asaurus (depending which sounds better) will be added onto the name you enter into the text box below. ie: Daniel would be Danielosaurus or Jessica would be Jessicasaurus. Isn’t that great?

All t-shirts up to age 6 are from a manufacturer specialising in babies and childrens t-shirts and from age 7 upwards are from the well known brand Fruit of the Loom.

Measurements Tables


AGE WIDTH(cm) * LENGTH(cm)**
0-3 MONTHS 23.5 31.0
3-6 MONTHS 27.0 31.5
6-12 MONTHS 28.0 35.0


AGE WIDTH (cm)* LENGTH (cm)**
1-2 YEARS 30.0 38.5
3-4 YEARS 35.0 44.0
5-6 YEARS 36.0 50.0
7-8 YEARS 43.0 54.5
9-11 YEARS 44.0 58.0

All measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.

Product details

  • 100% Cotton t-shirt
  • Taped Neck
  • Soft vinyl print which will not crack or fade
  • Fully machine washable.
  • Printed to order

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